So what?!

Dear Person Who Thinks They Can Parent Better Than Me: Please refrain from turning around and rolling your eyes in disgust because I am refusing to pick up my 30 lbs three-year-old. She can walk. In fact, she’s been walking for the past 24 months.  For some reason you don’t recognize the oldest known power […]

Manly Hissy Fits 

By: Brandy J. You’d think that at age seventeen a young man would have found a tiny bit of maturity and have the ability to know when to use it. Not so when that young man has ADHD.  Emotions are heightened with a hyperactivity disorder. When he is happy, he is over the moon, laughing, […]

Single Mom Security Hacks

A would-be burglar entered my home recently.  He climbed in to our home through my bedroom window and attempted to steal our property.  He didn’t expect to encounter my mom and her crazy fight instinct.  She was able to chase him off and recover our property, but the truth is, this could have turned out […]