To Catch A Catfish Have you been catfished? If you haven’t, you’re one of the fortunate ones unscathed by this “dating” trend. This week Nicole and Adrienne share their experiences with catfish and offer simple solutions to protect yourself from being the catfish’s victim.  Ways Catfish reveal themselves: Using other people’s pictures Manner of speaking Too close too […]

Is Kirk Franklin Canceled: Conflict with Our Children Recently, gospel megastar Kirk Franklin’s private conversation with his estranged son went very public.  The story wasn’t leaked by a traditional “news” source. In fact, his estranged son posted audio of the conversation to Instagram.   In this episode, Adrienne and Nicole talk about how this moment in parenting relates to their own experiences, […]

Power of the Single Mother This episode is a CELEBRATION of single motherhood.  Our awesome listener, Amber, inspired this episode.  We are truly grateful to all that participated in our contest.  In this episode, we discuss Amber’s letter to us about her mother.  We welcome Krystina and Isisah for their first and hopefully not the last appearance on our […]

HerStory: WHEN THE MORNING GATHERS THE RAINBOW by Patricia Martin When the Morning Gathers the Rainbow is the story of a young woman embarking on a new journey. She finds herself challenged by personal change while balancing work and love. About the Author: Patricia Martin is a New Jersey-born, Los Angeles-based freelance and creative writer and founder of The Glam Femme blog. Patricia […]

HerStory: Black Women Mental Health & PCOS HerStory is proud to present this inspirational discussion about mental health and PCOS. Nikki provides us with strategies to combat stress and talks about how self-care is not selfish.   About Nikki Valentine: Transformation Coach, Author.📿@thestyleshaman Creating tools for women of color to heal, elevate & slay. ✨ Mental Health & Wellness Ambassador for @Spotify NYC Self-love […]

We Need A Resolution Ever thought that we need a resolution to resolutions? Wondered how the ancient’s celebrated the New Year?  Did the ancient Egyptians even know when the New Year started?   In this episode, we explore the evolution of the Resolution and whether it’s time to ditch 4,000 years of tradition.  Resources: […]