Candytopia: San Francisco

Candytopia opened in San Francisco about a month ago and is pretty much sold out, but if you can score a ticket, you won’t be disappointed.

img_0349My daughter and I got a chance to check it out last week.  We both had a great time. We left sweaty, exhausted and on a bit of a sugar high! Although, we took home more candy than we consumed.

The best thing about this exhibit is after you enter with the group into the first room, the rest of the tour is self-guided.  You can take your time to feel each piece of art or take as many selfies as you want.  I would suggest packing your patience as some attendees do take more time than others to get the perfect selfie.

Every room is filled with portraits and sculptures waiting to be touched.  My daughter and I spent a lot of time in the portrait hall trying to identify the candies used to make each portrait.  My favorite was Prince, of course.  She gravitated toward Cardi B.  Honestly, I was expecting more red vines and licorice to be used, but these artists were very creative with the variation of candies used.


I wanted to lick it just to see if it was still sweet!

But more than an art installation, it was a playground. There were slides and swings to delight the children. Visual illusions abound.  Each photo station set up is different and delightful.  My suggestion is to take a few minutes to think about your pose.  You only have 10 seconds before the camera shoots the picture and it can go delightfully wrong easily.  Retakes can take several minutes as others rotate in for their photo op.


Want Candy?  You won’t be disappointed. In every room you can literally grab a handful of candy, from chocolate to pixie sticks.  Whatever your taste, I think they have you covered.

This delightful exhibit runs through the end of November. It was almost as good as Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, although really wanted to swim in a chocolate river!


For more information visit:


Adults: $34

Children: $26

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