Last Salute to Summer, Alameda Shoreline Beach

A hidden gem of the Bay Area, Alameda Shoreline Beach is located on the west side of Alameda near South Shore Shopping Center.

The beach features a sandy shore with no hiking required Most access points are less than 50 yards from the main roadway. Getting into the water, you’ll notice there is a gentle slope out for about 1/4 mile. It’s safe for little ones to wade as there are gentle lapping waves. There is plenty of beach for sand castles and burying yourself or someone else in the sand.

Bonus is that there is a lot of shoreline out there, so the beach never feels too crowded.


Park near the mall. There are sweet treats and cheap eats at South Shore Shopping Center. This mom recommends a sundae or saturdae from Loard’s Ice Cream. They also have a bit of a candy shop.

You can rent a bike and pedal your way shoreline! Look for Pedal Beach in the parking lot next to McDonalds

And if you don’t have any spare cash, parking is free and abundant along Shoreline Drive.

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