Reese Spreads: Peanut Butter Chocolate

 I admit when I got the email from Influenster that I was going to receive a sweet surprise, I didn’t really want this spread. I figured it would be too sweet and too chocolatey. How did they expect to being the perfect balance to the spread that they have in the candy? It didn’t seem possible.

I cracked open the box and unscrewed the top. I grabbed a couple of whole wheat honey pretzels and dipped the tip in to the spread.  I took my first bite and my face lit up. Eyes wide open, I handed a pretzel covered in spread to my daughter.  She was equally impressed and asked for more.

The creamy confection is a delicate balance of chocolate and peanut butter. I even found the texture pleasant.   The peanuts are not completely creamy but not chunky either.  I love this versatile spread. Straight out of the container on a spoon or on a sandwich, it’s downright addictive.   A fun treat rather than your average peanut butter on its own.


My daughter loves it with honey! Satisfies my picky eater. 

Note: This spread was recieved complimentary for review by Influenster and Reese’s.


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