Mommy reviewed and rated!

My T-Rex Has A Toothache by Elwyn Tate

Whenever I read this book, my daughter always asks for an encore.  It’s simply enjoyable.  The rhyming is complex for a children’s book. I found myself picking up a little cadence for the rhythm in the book. Its a nice little pace and a easily read 5 minute bedtime story. I enjoy the illustrations. They are more like a graphic novel or comic book. So vibrant and pull you further into this story about a child and their pet T-Rex. I like the resolution of the story since it requires a bit of critical thinking on the part of the main character.

Overall, it’s a fast-past, rhythmic book with great pictures. Great for a boy or a girl.  It’s so fun, my daughter has started memorizing the words that go along with the pictures.


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