Attitude: Shampoo

When I got my Influenster Nurture VoxBox, I wasn’t too keen on using Attitude shampoo. My daughter has curly, dry hair. Cleaning it without stripping it is always a challenge. But, luckily, we’d just run out of shampoo.

  First thing I notice is there was little to no lather while washing. I was a little confused but then I remember they’d removed the foaming agent for this shampoo is known as a carcinogen.  No lather, no problem. I continued washing.

The good news was it didn’t strip all the oil out of my daughter’s hair. The scent is mild but clean. Bonus!

So I decided to experiment.  My daughter never sits still long enough to get conditioner in her hair. Her hair was full of sand from the sandbox so I decided to try “co washing” with conditioner added on top of the shampoo. It turned out fantastic. In fact, better than usual.

I will be buying more of this shampoo and checking out the rest of the product line.

Attitude Ingredients:

Ingredients : Water, Sodium coco-sulfate – Surfactant, Decyl glucoside – Surfactant, Sodium cocoyl glutamate – Surfactant, Glycerin – Humectant, Coco-glucoside – Surfactant, Glyceryl oleate – Emulsifier, Sodium chloride – Consistency, Dicaprylyl ether – Emollient, Lauryl alcohol – Emolient, Sodium benzoate – Natural preservative, Potassium sorbate – Natural preservative, Fragrance, Citric acid – pH Adjuster, Hydrolyzed wheat protein – Conditionner, Sodium gluconate – Chelator, Panthenol – Conditionner
This item was received complimentary for use and review by Influenster and Attitude


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