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It’s finally here! Single. Mommy. Fabulous the Podcast. We are truly excited to welcome you in the homes of the hosts with the most. Engaging our listeners with new and interesting content about single parenthood, dating, self-care and current events

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Nicole Henley


I began this adventure as a blog five years ago when my life went down an unexpected path. It became half diary and half community to me. I realized about a year ago, I was evolving and so was my message.

I am orginially from Long Island, New York. A well-traveled military brat, a lover of people and life, a hopless romantic and most importantly a mother to one fantastic daufhter, Olivia. I hope you will join our community as we muddle through life and motherhood together.

Adrienne and I can’t wait for you to share your thoughts on our podcast. Hope you will listen our very first episode set to drop Tuesday, July 14th.

Adrienne Robertson


I am a single mommy and I am freaking fabulous! I have 2 kids, Kaliyah and Isaiah. I guess I’m more of a mommy to one, and a therapist to the other (guess which). I’m originally from the SF Bay Area, but just moved to the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia for a less hectic life. I am a professional accountant (no I do NOT do taxes), but I’m also pretty crafty and love art. I am not an expert on anything, but I do have enough crappy life experience that has given me a certain wisdom that serves me well. My intent is to offer my opinion and insight on various topics and hopefully provide another perspective to consider. My hope is that my kids listen one day and are proud, not embarrassed. Happy listening!

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Digital Life: Addiction Single Mommy Fabulous: The Podcast

The moms talk about what they learned from the Tween Takeover! The discussion takes a dive into why social media can be an addiction, how it affects our mental health, alters our children's behavior, and exercises control over some of our actions. We offer strategies to combat social media addiction. This episode aimed to gain a perspective on social media use. Social media does have a place in our lives.  We must define that place.**Spoiler Alert***The Social Dilemma content in this episode. The Social Dilemma is currently streaming on Netflix.
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