HerStory: The Parent’s Guide To Money: Money Lessons Our Parents Never Taught Us


In this episode, Nicole interviews Dr. Evelyn Tolliver about her first book The Parents Guide to Money: Money Lessons Our Parents Never Taught Us. This book is perfect for the parent looking to give their child a foundation about money, savings, and earning money!

Click to purchase the book!


Dr. Evelyn Tolliver previously worked in the banking industry, first in the credit division and then in personal finance, which is where she learned the principles of money, credit, and investing.  While she did not grow up with this knowledge, she learned fast and applied the same principles she shared with her clients to her personal finances.  This new information was used to increase her credit score and help her make wise financial decisions.

Dr. Tolliver later made a career change.  She became a teacher.  She continues to be an educator in a large public school system.

Her expertise in financial education is a culmination of her experience in the finance industry combined with her strong passion for teaching.


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