“No, thank you. I’d like to do it myself.”

Point taken!


After a week of playing phone tag with Comcast and an appointment no-show, their “escalation technician” arrived today. He managed to solve all of our cable problems within a few hours. Normally, I would have been very excited about this, but he made some pretty ignorant and obnoxious sexist statements throughout his time here.

In a conversation about teaching Pavlovian technique to a dog he’s owned for a decade, he said he failed to teach his wife in the same manner. What kind of person maintains a relationship with an adult they believe needs to be trained? For any reason!?

Please do not misunderstand me.  I do realize this was supposed to be a joke, but saying that you attempted to break your wife of whatever annoying habits you think she has by treating her like a dog is not only disgusting, but it is sad. His wife is probably…

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