5 Ways to Reconnect with Your Toddler in 10 Minutes

We all know that mom who seems to wear a cape. She can do her work, cook and make motherhood look like a breeze.  And then, there is the rest of us, we trudge off to work, come home and pray everything gets done before bedtime.

  1. Pump Up the Jams

Doesn’t matter if the sounds is coming from the speakers on your stereo or your iPhone! Play two of your favorite upbeat songs and dance with wild abandon.  Aside from having fun, your creating a memory with your child they’ll remember when they turn on the “oldies” station.

2. Paper Airplane Races

You know what ads from the mailbox are good for? Making paper airplanes. Fold one your yourself and one for the kids. Take turns throwing them around the room. It can be a race to the other side of the room or just a cool way to talk about aerodynamics.

3. Stretch

Ease your tension and model the value of exercise.  Touch your toes. Stretch your legs. Or just sing “Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes”. It’s learning and fun. Especially when you speed up the singing the song toward the end and fall into silliness.

4. Dinner Picnic Style

Spread out a blanket on the floor and eat with fingers.  Nothing says fun like throwing all the rules out the window and sitting Indian Style on a blanket.


5. Draw a Portrait of Your Child

Ask your little one to sit still while you bring your inner artist out to play.  Draw a picture of your kiddo. Then take a picture of your masterpiece with their smiling face.  Turning your art work into a memory!

Reconnect with your little ones by being creative and playful.  Happiness creates the longs lasting memories.


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