No dude!

Never be nice to the guy at work who knows your name before you know his! This is always a recipe for a disaster.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I treat everyone the same with rare exception.  You’re a friend until you’re not in my world.  And rarely has anyone crossed over to the non-friend arena. I suppose because most people get that I am friendly, but friendly has boundaries.

Okay, so let’s talk about Mr. V. He works in a separate department than my own, but is still in the same building as I.  He said hi one day while we were waiting for the shuttle to take up to BART. I talked to him and told him my name.  I asked where he was from originally since his accent was definitely not from this continent.  He answered and I gave him the canned, “Cool,” as an answer. I told him I was from the East Coast.  He acted as if it was fascinating and he can tell.  All this, despite the fact I sound like a Valley Girl.

He makes a point of saying hi to me every time he sees me.  I give him a polite wave or nod and go on my merry way.

Mr. V has been very helpful when I need information about his departments newest policies, but I think he took it as me flirting or something.  Because now, he’s calling my line at work looking for me.  Asking questions about openings on our floor.  Yesterday, he dialed me twice.  The second time I wimped out and told my co-worker to answer the phone.  I didn’t want to talk to him about the same thing or have him ask if I understood the last handout he left for me at the front counter.

Guess it’s time to pull the non-existent boyfriend card. Why, you may ask?  Because he strikes me as the kind that won’t give up until he thinks I am taken.


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