Single Mom Security Hacks

A would-be burglar entered my home recently.  He climbed in to our home through my bedroom window and attempted to steal our property.  He didn’t expect to encounter my mom and her crazy fight instinct.  She was able to chase him off and recover our property, but the truth is, this could have turned out an entirely different way.

Feeling secure in our own homes can be challenging.  As a single parent, we are responsible not only for ourselves, but our munchkins.  Many of us live on limited incomes and couldn’t afford to have a security system installed.  Let alone, pay  the monthly monitoring fees.  Luckily, feeling and being more secure can be a little less expensive with these home security tips.

1. Lock it up

Make sure to lock all your windows and doors before going to bed or leaving the house.  Protect your sliding glass doors with  a 2×4 cut to make a handy security bar so that your door will not open as easily if some tries to enter through it.

You can also install sliding window locks and sliding door locks.

Defender Sliding Window Lock

Defender Sliding Window Lock

2. Chime In

For an inexpensive alternative to an alarm system, install these simple alarms that chime when someone enters.

GE Window or Door Alarm

GE Window or Door Alarm

3. Protect the view

Make sure to draw your curtains after the sun goes down.  Many would be robbers “case” your place before entering your home.  Providing them less viewing opportunities will reduce the risk of becoming a victim. If you’re planning to be out after dark, make it appear as though you are at home by using timers to turn on lighting inside.

GE Digital Heavy Duty Timer

GE Digital Heavy Duty Timer

3. Light it up!

Install  a motion sensing flood light. Intruders don’t want to be seen.

4. Get a Dog!

Yes, I know.  You already have needy children who need feeding. You don’t want to add another one.  But this dog can be on guard 24 hrs a day and doesn’t require any maintenance.

Rex Motion Detecting Alarm

Rex Motion Detecting Alarm

Or, just post a beware of dog sign.  Statistics show even the a sign has some deterrent effect on criminals.

Nothing will keep you totally secure, but a few extra steps for added security never hurts.  I know that now that my family has been put in the situation I feared for awhile, that I will be adding more security measures to my home.  I don’t want to go crazy or be paranoid, but a few extra locks and a fake dog or two never hurt anyone.


2 thoughts on “Single Mom Security Hacks

  1. Everyone can use these tips, not just fine single mama’s like yourself! I’m so sorry that you guys had this experience. I hope these steps help you feel safe at home again.


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