To Pine or Not to Pine?

Why is it so much easier to pine away for your crush?

Simple answer: The fear of rejection is greater than the gratification of the relationship.Rejection is both a logical and illogical fear.  Many times rejection builds character and/or teaches us a lesson.

I was recently asked if I was going to make a move or keep pining over my crush.  I didn’t even pause to think about it.  I was going to keep pining. My friend asked why, and I said the fear of rejection was outweighing what I knew to be true about my relationship with my crush.

No one who knows us understand the fear, yet, I find I would rather never realize a real relationship with this person rather than be rejected.

As the person who others come to for advice, I want to slap myself in the face.  My logic tells me that I’m being ridiculous, but my bruised ego and heart won’t allow me to be rational.  I wish my rational mind would take over before I put this guy in the friend zone permanently.


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