Hey Momma! I Don’t Care What You Think

Funny story, I saw you point at me at the last preschool event and start whispering to the lady next to you.  Frankly, I find your actions immature but I am choosing to enlighten other mothers on the downfall of your child’s friend’s parents. 

The other weekend, O and I went to the park to meet up with my friend.  Your child found mine. I made small talk with you to be polite. If I  nothing else, I am polite. I tried hard to get along with you even though I knew our parenting styles were different since the last school event. Our girls decided they didn’t want to participate in the tumbling activity and you got up and forced your child to participate. I felt embarrassed for you when you child pulled away from your grasp to avoid flipping over the instructor’s arm. I knew my daughter reluctance was due to some fear she had and allowed her watch.fb_ads9_1433286346940_800

O and your daughter decided they wanted to ride the carousel. O and I did one run without you. When you guys returned, I put O on alone. Not for you to watch her, but because I rode once and had no desire to do another round on the nauseating circular contraption. O ridden age appropriate rides while I watched since she was 18 months old and we discovered toddler rides. Sorry I didn’t tell you you didn’t have to watch her, but I didn’t realize I needed to.

O followed her friend around the park while you and  your significant other hovered over your child every moment while my friend and I watched from the bench.  I had her in my line of vision the whole time.

When it was time to leave, O took it upon herself to express her displeasure about not getting swing again. I told her to say goodbye to her friend. She refused so I scooped up my screaming, intolerant toddler and walked off without another word.

I waved goodbye and walked off while you stood there your mouth agape. I am not sure if you expected a thank you for letting my kid hang out with yours but our parenting styles are different.

I know you probably think I’m rude or a bad parent. I’m sorry for our daughters since they like each other a lot, but I’m not sorry we are different.

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