Contouring Sorcery

This goes out to all you people going to bed with a ten, And waking up with a two. Ha, not me. -Katy Perry

“This contouring has to stop.  You have no idea who what you’re going to get in the morning.” Mack said sporting disbelief on his face while staring at the monitor. 

Chuckling, I say “Isn’t that the same way makeup has always been?”

“Nah, man, this is some weird magic. They don’t even look like themselves. ” He said. 

Contouring is the latest makeup trend in which you can transform your look by creating “shadows” to reshape your face. 

Mack and I spent 10 minutes dissecting the before and after of men and women alike. We were both horrified and fascinated.  How could makeup so drastically modify someone’s appearance?

Mack insisted the practice had to be outlawed. I chuckled at his naive outrage, but I admit he does have a point.  After all, one man won a lawsuit because his wife gave him ugly kids.

Is there something wrong with trying to look fabulous by contouring your face? Is it sorcery or just a part of the neverending quest for the physical beauty?


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