Resolutions? No thanks!

“New Year! New You!” I cringe every time that weight loss commercial comes on.  Does the New Year’s Baby have a magic wand I am unaware of?  If that little cherub thinks it’s going to sprinkle that mass hypnosis on me, he’s got another thing coming. 

  1. We are almost always doomed to fail on New Year’s resolutions.  I’m no defeatist but falling for the hype seems pointless
  2. There are better ways to engage in better habits. You’re going to be more successful at changing your habits if you start right away rather than putting a date on it.  
  3. You get to be that cool anti-resolution chick. So when someone asks what your resolution is. You can say, “Resolutions, how passĂ©.”

Resolutions are great. They even have value in  many folks lives. But all resolutions should come from a desire to transform rather than a date on the calendar. 


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