Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Yes, I succumbed to the nebulous peer pressure of the digital age and downloaded Pokemon Go five days after it’s release. I don’t even know what possessed me. I’m usually resistant to digital peer pressure but this seemed like fun.

When I initially downloaded it, I had made a promise to myself to not let the 20 pound weight loss I experienced from bronchitis go to waste. I was going to get out there and walk. The silly Pokemon app gave me a little incentive to get out there.

Here are some tips from one Pokemon Go mom to any others who haven’t yet succumbed to the craze.

  1. I haven’t seen Pickachu but it’s rumored if you run away from your first three Pokemon, he’ll show up for you to catch.
  2. Walking with a friend while hunting for Pokestops and Pokemon is a fun bonding experience. While one of you points the way to the next Pokestop, the other can make sure you’re not falling off a cliff. img_3445
  3. Your kids can play too! My daughter is an excellent shot on this game. She gets bored waiting for another Pokemon to show up. but when they do, I hand her my phone.
  4. I still don’t get all nuances of the game but it’s fun just to explore the place you live. You may learn a bit of the history of your hometown hunting the ever elusive Pikachu.
  5. Finally, please pay attention. This game is meant to be fun. But not fun at the risk of your own safety. Use common sense. Don’t jump barriers, stumble onto other people’s property, or get so engrossed in your screen your surroundings disappear.

My overall take on Pokemon Go is that it’s fun. It can be motivational and it can be used to get your kids off the couch. I call that a win!



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