It’s Getting Hot in Here: Summertime Car Safety

Every year,  I am heartbroken when another baby, toddler or child perishes because a parent has forgotten them in the car.  I do not judge these deaths.  I just morn them.

It only takes minutes 10-15 in  90 degree weather for the interior temperature of a car to reach to 130 degrees. Heat stroke happens when the body core temperature reaches 106 degrees.    Here are tips to keeping your child safe from hot car danger:



Leave something necessary for your day on the backseat.  Whether it be a purse, briefcase or your shoe!



Look before you lock!  Always check the backseat to make sure you haven’t forgotten a sleeping or quiet child.


Keep keys and fobs out of the reach of children.



Once you arrive home, be sure to lock all car doors.  




Ask your daycare provider to contact you if your child doesn’t arrive at school.


We are all overwork and sleep-deprived.  Keeping our children safe is a full-time job.  Hopefully these tips will help you keep your bundle of joy safe for the summer.



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