The Great Fizzle

by Nicole Marissa

Have you ever met someone that you just clicked with? Your humor is complementary, you have a similar background and you make great friends. You find yourself wondering what it would be like to move into a relationship that’s romantic.

Things are seemingly well. Every morning starts with a “Good Morning” and every night with “Sweet Dreams” The one day, poof nothing. No texts, no emails and radio silence! You keep try a few times to engage and get nothing. You’ve entered the relationship Twilight Zone and you wonder where to go from there.

In this world, where dating is more digital and far less personal, you’re left with a bad taste in your mouth for technology and dating. There are many facets with the technology of dating.

For instance, I met this incredible beautiful man right after I bought my iPhone 6. We texted daily for a few weeks after an 3-day email courtship. Everything was awesome. We couldn’t believe how incredibly well a computer had matched us. We were attracted to each other both physical and emotionally even though we hadn’t had our first date. Mr. Beautiful was an executive and spent a lot of time on the road. When he was on the road for the long stretch before our first date, my iPhone choked. It wasn’t sending or receiving text messages from iPhones. He happened to have an iPhone. You guessed it, I freaked and told him goodbye because I thought he’d lost interest. Turns out, it was my iPhone that decided it didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

Yes, I get it. Wrong person or wrong time, but it’s sometimes of no solace. I found myself mourning the demise of a perfectly awesome potential relationship.

Then there is the opposite. When you met the d-bag of the week and you go out, have a decent time and then never hear from them again. As an adult, I think it’s pretty immature to stop talking to someone without saying something.  Some people can’t do it. I am a master at it. The ending of a fizzle can be as simple as, “I am not that into you” or “Let’s not do this”. Yes, the hopeful party will be hurt, but it’s a lot less painful than just never speaking again. All you have to say is goodbye.

Image: Moguefile/walking



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