Moments of Zen

Recently, I’ve want to put up a no cell phone sign on the BART Trains.  Don’t get me wrong, lady reading the NYT and dude playing bubble pop saga are cool, but it’s the other BART passengers who need a lesson in public transit etiquette.

1. You’re not important enough to have longer than a 30 second convo on your phone telling someone to pick you up.

No one wants to know what you did last night.

That project at work. Yea, send an email.  Your cell has service therefore you internet connection is working too.

2. You’re not Beyoncé.

We are not dying to hear your rendition of “Naughty Girl” or whatever her newest jam is.

No talent agents are secretly recruiting on BART. And if they are, the recording studio is probably in the grandma’s basement and has chains on the wall.

You only hit every fifth note. My eardrums are bleeding. Please, for love of everyone’s sanity, sing in your head and find a karaoke bar tonight.

BART is where my Zen is most days. I just breathe deeply, when it doesn’t stink, and just relax.  I desperately need my “I’m not responsible for anyone or anything” moments.  So for my sanity and that of your fellow passengers, stow your phone unless you can play with it silently.


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