Mini-Story of the Day 5.18.15

It was the day before O’s surgery, she was particularly needy. I had only intended to get her new cozy pajamas. But she’d decided to ask me for everything in the store. And come dangerously close to throwing herself on the floor and pounding her tiny fists into the ground because I said no, a lot.  So I told her it was time to go. 

A young lady motioned me into her open line. I smiled and told O let’s go. O was up to her usual shenanigans touching everything on the impulse buy aisle asking for it. I explained she could have at least 5 things because she bought quite a few things already. I don’t know if it was my explanations or kind voice or what but the store cashier smile. She said, “I like your parenting style. ” I smiled widely and said, “Thank you.”

This small act of kindness made me smile and feel proud that I can be a good mom. Even a mom some people admire. So thank you Target clerk. I’ll never forget your praise of my parenting style. It meant so much to me. 


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