Reflections of My 3rd Mother’s Day

I thank God that I was allowed to become a mother. Without becoming a mother, Mother’s Day would have been another greeting card holiday that pissed me off. 

I should explain. Until I was blessed with my miracle baby, I struggled with infertility (PCOS), loss of pregnancy and HPV.  After being treated for precancerous cells on my cervix, I was pretty sure my chances of becoming a mother were shot. 

You just never know what God has planned for you. I worked hard for the years prior to O joining me in the world to be a role model, mentor and good godmother/aunt. And I love each and every child like they were my own. I don’t think it was possible to love them more. And it was incredibly rewarding. In fact, I probably wouldn’t change much about the pre-O days. 

But the last three years have been the toughest and best years of my life. My daughter lights up my world in ways I didn’t think possible.  There is even joy in her epic tantrums.  I try to laugh when I want to cry from frustration. 

What I have really learned is that motherhood is about hard work and dedication. Mother’s who choose to love tirelessly are amazing. There is no way to thank mothers enough for all that they do. 

Like the man at the street fair told me: “Cherish the time that you have with your mom.” He was fighting back tears as he remembered his mom he lost to Alzheimer’s last year. 

So I am going to try to cherish my time as a mom.  Through the good and the bad. Being a mom is the best job I was blessed to have. 


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