Do Women Have to Wait for His Call?


Or is this rule totally antiquate? Books like “The Rules” or “He’s Just Not that into You” preach waiting for his call as one of their top rules. Do not contact him because he doesn’t like you if he’s not contacting you first.

As I start dating again, I question if that’s just true for younger folks. I figure, why wouldn’t a man want to know your thinking of them?  I don’t mean texting or calling every hour on the hour. But what’s wrong with a “hello” text in the morning if you’re feeling it. And when is a slow down in communication just about life. Especially after you’ve been married once and have a child(ren).

I’m not sure I believe in this as a hard and fast rule as to how someone feels about you. But maybe I’m crazy. Or maybe it’s because technology has taken the place of what used to be normal communication.

What are the rules these days?


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