HerStory: Who are you when no one is looking by Alicia Cañas


Alicia Cañas of the Raw Tea narrates her poetry about self-awareness, acceptance and our relationship to the world around us. 

Alicia Cañas is a Mexican American creative writer with a B.A in Health Sciences from Indiana State University. She highlights complex aspects on the deep topics of self-healing, personal growth, & mindfulness. She does so in a manner that is relatable, & can be easily translated, and received so women can feel confident to take the steps to apply the methods to their lives. Alicia is the founder of The Raw Tea a platform which is currently ran off her IG page @aliciafcanas. With the intent for women to share this space to build a positive relationship with self & the community amongst one another. Through information, shared experience, and motivation The Raw Tea redefines the conversations women have surrounding the phrase “What’s the tea?” Or “I got the tea” into “Together Evolving & Ascending” to reflect the goal of a supportive, positive, and productive dialogue amongst women to ultimately facilitate growth & healing together.

You can find out more about Alicia by visiting our website or heading over to her IG @aliciafcanas


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