Middle-Aged Men, Stop Being So Boring!

I’m not an ageist! But I am going to need men over 40 to stop being so boring. Hitting 40 definitely changes things. You are comfortable in your skin but you deal with not being young and the aging process in front of you. You’re in the middle of your professional life. But everything about middle-aged men feels middle.

deep ocean equipment goggles leisureWe look at your glossy images on the dating profile that you’ve so carefully crafted.  There’s the picture you took at the edge of the grand canyon, participating in a race or deep-sea diving in the Caribbean.  The advertise excitement, but it’s been years since you’ve done any of these things.

closeup photo of person holding panasonic remote control in front of turned on smart television

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

You didn’t grow up in the era of “Netflix and Chill”.  We’re going to need you to be a lot more creative.  That’s what passes for dating when your in your 20s or early 30s, but ladies in your own age range are looking for excitement.  We look at your profile hoping that you will take us out of the doldrums of daily routine.

Here are a few things you can stop doing to make transform the middle into fab!

Stop asking us to come over and chill on a first date! Look, we’re all tired from our routine, but we date to break it up.  Chilling only means two things to us. The first, you wanna have sex.  The second, you don’t want to take us out.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Stop letting your job get in the way of making plans. I know your week was long.  The project you got assigned is killing you, but dude, take a break.  Your career will be there after dinner or dancing.

She’s trying to do big things at work too! Respect her work schedule.  Stop expecting her to fit into your time schedule.  Finding time to be together should be a compromise. It’s not fair to ask her to take time off of work to date you.  (Disclaimer-This is different from a mutually agreed upon vacation or day trip.)

We love our sports too, but watching six football games on Sunday is not fun for your lady friend.    Sunday can be a fun day.  There are fewer people on the road.  There are brunches to be had and new things to explore.  DVR those games!  Go outside in the sunshine and enjoy the company of a beautiful and exciting woman.

Maybe middle-aged men bought into stereotypes about women of a certain age. Women do not become less desirable as they age.  They become ripe with wisdom and have a desire to get out there and live. We want new adventures and a little romance. Step it up or we’re all going to become puma or cougars.


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