Mr. Perfect On Paper

I’ve was trying to figure out what I am doing with Mr. Perfect on Paper. He has everything any gal could want, but I can’t seem to connect with him.  And perhaps neither can he with me, but for whatever reason we refused to give up what little connection we have.

Let’s step back a year.  I met him on Match overa year ago,  but things never lead to a date.  A year later, he found me on POF and he contacted me again.  It resulted in us having a date 3 days after reconnecting.

I was a little hurt and confused by the fact he acted as though he didn’t remember me from Match; not that I asked him if he remembered me. But I threw caution to the wind and went out with him because I thought I was so into him.  Our text conversations flowed like butter across hot biscuits.  There was no way , in my mind, this couldn’t turn out to be a meaningful connection.

Our date was a little unconventional, we met at his place for take out and sat around to chat a while.  And the conversation flowed, but I was exhausted and suggested we watch a documentary. The documentary touched on subjects that conincided with our fields of work. We were able to share knowledge.  What could be better? Right?

Wrong, I don’t know why, but I left there feeling off.  He had spent much of the night commenting on what I was wearing.  I felt like he was sizing me up to see if I could live up to his executive lifestyle.  And with all the commenting, I felt less like a date and more like a slab of beef in a display case waiting to get picked.

Despite feeling like this, I agreed to see him again.  It was a short visit. We talked and hung out, but I wasn’t feeling it anymore. He promised we’d catch up after the holidays. I probably should have said that’s ok, don’t think it’s necessary, but I didn’t.  I mean, I really thought maybe things would eventually fall into place.

I was baffled by my lack of feeling for him.  He was gainfully, well employed.  He had the same love of fashion that I did.  He was incredibly good looking. Yet somehow, I didn’t like him enough. Sadly, it has been a relief that he and I both stopped texting.  We ghosted each other.  And while I am never a fan of not saying goodbye, this time, I will make an exception.





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