Mini Political Post of the Day

Once, in a creative writing class, I wrote a satire piece about Hillary Clinton in the presidential race against Arnold Schwarzenegger. I thought it was clever and cheeky, but never did I believe that either would run for office.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love talking politics, but now I find that I am worn out by politics.  Politics has been dumbed down to Twitter wars and sound bites.  There is no real discussion about real issues because that would mean low ratings. Even debates seem to be won by the person who can sling the most mud at the other candidate.

As a mother, I see politics so differently than I have before.  I am voting now for my daughter’s future. I have to be concerned about what legacy I leave for her and her peers.  I don’t want to leave the legacy that this political season has brought forward. Most of the candidates sound like mean-spirited people.  I don’t really want to vote for any of them.  And why do I feel like I will be voting for the least worse of  them?

I hope that we Americans learn that we are fracturing our country.  We are leaving a legacy of biased and base politics in our wake. Is really the best we can do for our children’s future?


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