Weekend Failures

Sometimes, we are too giving of ourselves, even to our friends. This weekend was supposed to be a weekend to let my hair hang down, but it didn’t work out that way.

Friday night, I was supposed to go to a contractor friend of mine’s boat slip.  He wanted me to see the finished project of his boat he had shipped from Florida.  I was so excited to dance salsa on a boat even if he was going to make me wear a life jacket. He thought it would be funny to put me in a life jacket and take pictures of me.  I wasn’t convinced that was funny, but I agreed. Who wouldn’t? A boat ride on the San Francisco Bay? No one in their right mind says no.

Well, I made it to the boat slip a bit before 6:30. I couldn’t find him. I didn’t have his cell number to call him.  Perhaps his propellor didn’t make it on to the boat and he never made it off the pier or I was just too late to enjoy.  I went away slightly disappointed and sad I had never taken him number. He’d offered it before, but I was working and didn’t want my co-workers in my business. Although, I flirt with him relentlessly while he’s at my counter.  Good thing most contractors like reverse sexual harassment. (Jokes, not serious at all. The flirting is mutual.)

Saturday, I spent loving all over my baby. I love hanging out with her happy little self! We hung out with my BFF and her baby bump! Ate ourselves silly and went shopping.  Although, I think we forgot the cheesecake we wanted on the way out. It’s probably because my daughter was having meltdown #3 of the evening! The joys she has to look forward to are endless. (wink, wink)

Sunday, I had anticipated seeing my friend at his weekly dinner. As usual, all but one of my companion friends flaked.  So, I took her down. She was surprised that his place was so nice. Made me wonder what she thought I considered nice.  We saw him, but he was doing some business so he couldn’t stick around.  She got bored in the 30 minutes it took for him to conclude his business, so she wanted to leave.  It made me inordinately sad. I hardly see this friend and this friend is incredibly important to me.  So, as we were leaving, he was returning. I explained my friend wanted to leave. He offered up a party to attend. I told him she was really ready to go. He asked if we wanted to eat. I told him no. It hurt me.  I hated saying bye.  But I wanted to make sure my friend got home safe since she’s been down in the dumps. So, I choose to leave my guy friend despite our limited interactions lately.

My weekend ended sour! But I will survive to live another weekend, but I am reevaluating all my relationships at this point.  Don’t you love days like that!?


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