Education Insider: First Edition

Every wonder what your child’s new teacher wanted you to know? Like, what makes his/her job easier? Or why little Johnny isn’t learning? Single. Mommy. Fabulous.  had an opportunity to talk with Baltimore educator, Evelyn Tolliver about what teachers wish you knew before Johnny starts school.

Evelyn:  The primary thing that all parents need to know, understand, and accept is that they are their child’s first teacher.  It is important to send your child to school with a foundation of knowledge.  It is frustrating for teachers to hear things like: “You’re the teacher, teach him!”

The truth is a child doesn’t get to school until around age 5– who is teaching him up until this point? Hopefully, you, the parent have been teaching your child.

Do not allow your child to get to school without knowing his own name (his legal name is not Jr.).

Make sure that preschool is not your child’s first exposure to books or other children their age.

SMF: What would make teaching easier?

Evelyn:  The type of support that is most helpful, especially at the younger ages, is training your child about proper school behaviors.  Explain to them that there will be time to play, but it is important to pay attention during “learning time”.  When teachers have the parent’s support on proper school behaviors the learning environment is greatly improved.


EvelynAbout Evelyn Tolliver:

Evelyn Tolliver is a Master STEM teacher with a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Johns Hopkins University. She has worked as a STEM curriculum writer and professional development facilitator for an inner city school district. Her classroom experience includes teaching in both elementary and middle school grades. Her expertise in interdisciplinary instruction, as well as her passion for STEM education provoked her desire to train teachers to prepare students for hi-tech futures and STEM careers.

SMF: Thank you, Evelyn for your contribution and kicking off our discussion on education!

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