Mini-Rant of the Day 4.25.15 “Text me back”

I told the other parent that they could see my daughter at 2:00 p.m. today.  When JR asked me where, I said I wasn’t sure because we had errands to run today. In other words, person who does not raise O, I am not sure when we will get out of the house due to toddler time! (Plus O is not a morning person.)

This got me a barrage of texts about how I am keeping O away from them. How JR was taking me to court.  And I laughed.  It eventually turned to me telling JR not to text anymore and blocking his number.  It was getting emotionally abusive just like our marriage.

Last weekend, I called because my Friday night opened up and O and I had plans for the rest of the weekend. So, I called to see what JR was up to.  Happy hour.  I said ok, but this is the only time O has to hang out this weekend.  Her social schedule has been heavy this April.  It’s met with a “Text you in five” Well, the text never arrived. In fact, JR was not heard from again until Wednesday.

Of course, I asked why it wasn’t a priority to just text back last Friday and say that you were staying at Happy Hour.  Explaining that it’s important to keep all promises to O.  Even though she’s young now, she will eventually know that you didn’t call or text when you promised.

I feel as though I can’t make JR understand parenting is hard.  Parenting is sacrifice.

Sadly, I think O can feel my tension.  This is my second tense night where my daughter peed the bed.  God, help me.


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