Crushing on the Kid

The Dating Misadventures of the 40-something Single Mother

Returning from my break, I ran into a customer and told him I’d be glad to assist him with his current issue. When I entered the doors to my office, I heard his voice calling to me. My pulse quickened and I smiled. I tried hard not to allow it to spread too widely across my face. After all, I didn’t want to appear too happy to see him. But I was, I was ecstatic. I was trembling with excitement.

He does this to me every time. I can’t hide how I feel anymore. Everyone at the front desk, save one, knows that my crush is huge.

He doesn’t help much since he’s always looking for me. Maybe a little more slyly with some people than others. And I want to tell him that I like him. But I refuse.

Why? Well, I could have been his wayward teenaged mother. Everyone who knows me well tells me to throw caution to the wind.

He’s adorable but I keep thinking how I would feel if he were my son and it makes me wary of the situation.


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