Measles Parties?

This can’t be serious. In 2013, I wrote about Pox Parties. I wrote the article with as little slant as I could muster as a concerned parent. But now, there are rumors of measles parties in California.

The insanity has to stop! I get not vaccinating your child being a personal choice. While I don’t agree and don’t want your children attending school with mine, I defend your right to choose, weakly.

What kills me most is that these parties are rumored to be happening here in the Bay Area. I have to live near these unvaccinated individuals with my child and I don’t care for the flippant behavior of intentionally exposing your child to measles or chicken pox,for that matter.

Chicken pox is fairly mild, but the measles complications are far more series. The most serious of those being encephalitis. Encephalitis is developed in 1 out of every 1000 cases. It can lead to permanent brain damage or even death. Personally, I don’t want my child facing those odds however slim the chance is she may get it.


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