Fit to Date?

With Valentines Day rapidly approaching, like Cupid on a galloping horse, it’s time to evaluate our fitness to date.  

  1. Do you still harbor feelings for you ex? Not the passing, “I wish it had worked out” feelings, but a yearning to be with them. 
  2. Do you have deep feelings of resentment toward your ex? If you haven’t forgiven them enough to only passingly want them to step in front of a train, you probably resent them too much. 
  3. Are you unwilling to compromise anything in your life? Not your morals or beliefs but do you like your routine and hobbies that you’re not open to changing to accommodate someone else’s in your life. 
  4. Are your kids an excuse not to date? Yes, we must consider our children when dating. Chose our dates more carefully. But not being open to dating because we have children just provides a comfortable and more socially acceptable reason not to date. 
  5. You’re more worried about what friends and family will think of your date than you are about how you feel about your date. While our friends and family play a huge rule in our lives, sometimes their opinions do more to harm then help us when we’re dating. So take their commentary and advice with a grain of salt. 

If one or more of these apply to you, then you’re probably not ready to date. The most important thing to remember is that you won’t always be opposed to dating. 

Taking the necessary time to ensure that you are the best person to offer a potential partner while maintaining your inner greatness is doing yourself and everyone else a favor. It may feel selfish at the time, but you will be glad you did it.”


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