My Love?

How would you feel if someone called you “my love” after a few exchanged messages? Me, it makes me recoil.

Don’t get me wrong! I have fallen for someone after a few days. But during those few days, we spent many hours together. We fell in love with the moment of getting to know each other.

Shouldn’t there be some sort of rule that pet names should be reserved for people you’ve actually met. And if that’s a rule, why don’t we add that you’re not allowed to use the same pet name for everyone you’re dating (See, Wanna Borrow My Big Girl Panties?). Maybe hard and fast rules shouldn’t apply. Maybe he is just feeling the moment, but love is such a deep word in my world.

When I use the word it means I deeply care for you. That I can not imagine what life would be like without your very presence in mine. It’s sacred and some internet dating dude is using it without even knowing my last name.

Why can’t meeting someone new be easy? I was going to stop talking to men through dating sites. And maybe I should but at least you’re meeting people.

Single, mother and hopeless, that’s how I feel sometimes. I know if it’s meant to be, I will meet him. Until this, I will try to avoid me who fall in love after two days worth of emails.


2 thoughts on “My Love?

  1. See, therein lies the problem with whirlwind love. Can it BE love after a, few days which isn’t even enough time to know that the word itself, Love, has very different meanings to you. If ge really knew you, who you are, what makes you…you, he’d then know that love has, a much deeper meaning to you.
    Love at first sight isn’t impossible, but it’s still just a beginning to a much deeper possibility of true love. You’re not desperate, everyone wants to be loved. 😊 good luck


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